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Tech savvy candidates are in higher demand than ever. What’s the right move for you?

2018 has gotten off to a flying start when it comes to Digital and Tech employment opportunities. Technology hires are booming throughout the Middle East, and especially the UAE, are leading the push to prepare themselves for the future.

Seasoned companies are implementing Digital Transformation projects at a pace never seen before. Startups are blossoming at an accelerated rate, setting new trends and offering a fresh choice of opportunity for tech thirsty candidates. It’s exciting times all around for both employers and employees.

That being said, meeting your own expectations, can be daunting for both parties, if you don’t know what you truly are looking for.

As an employer you may be thinking; who? What are the latest skills and trends we need to be looking for to keep us ahead of the game? How can we attract the best talent and how do we keep them engaged and motivated at our company?

As a tech candidate seeking a fresh challenge, I recommend you put some serious consideration into the following and prioritize what’s most important to you.

In no particular order;

New Tech: What new skills can I learn if I change jobs? What am I truly passionate about and will the new company provide me opportunity to better myself?

Job satisfaction: What type of projects excite me? Where will I be able to utilize my full skillset and keep myself motivated and eager to get out of bed in the morning and head to work?

Work – Life – Balance: What type of company culture and environment brings the best out in me? A startup might bring quicker career advancement and financial rewards, than my current role, but may well require more work effort and dedication. Do I truly have the time and heart to commit myself?

Remuneration: How important is a salary increase compared to job Satisfaction or a better Work – Life – Balance?

Title: Does the job title matter to my long-term career goals?

These are all valid questions, which we all have different answers to depending on circumstances. Once you have figured out what truly matters to you, the hunt can begin.

If you decide to engage a recruitment company in your search, make sure to clarify these points to them. Being upfront about your expectations, not only saves all parties time and but also heightens the chance of matching you with that dream job.

If you don’t know the answers or simply aren’t sure which direction to go, drop us a line at Searchie & Searchie or come in for a chat. We’ll figure it out together.