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Why I love finding talented people and how I find them 

As a recruiter my favorite part of the job is when I start working on a new placement & candidate resourcing.

The thrill of matching a specific candidate with their dream job and knowing that in the process I have satisfied a clients expectations is a great feeling in itself but as an extra bonus along the way, I get to meet and speak with so many wonderful and interesting people, who all have a story to tell and who all have dreams of their own.

That being said, when I first started as a recruitment consultant, reaching out to new contacts was a little nerve wrecking. The thought of rejection or not having all the right answers scared me, until I learnt that with the right preparation and process there is nothing to be worried about. We are all people and most people love to talk, especially if they are talking about something they are passionate or curious about.

When I reach out to someone for the first time, I always try to follow these simple steps, which I refer to as my “Sourcing & Connecting Best Practices”

1. The Planning part

Think about what you want to search for – make sure you know what you are looking for and who you are looking for. – Analyze the job description – Review the Company profile – Ask questions – and then construct a good approach. What do I talk about I start by putting together a Personalized message, learning a few things about the candidate’s profile through research. Do they mention any hobbies or specific likes? Maybe something we can bond about that I also like.

2. Be unique

The first approach has to be unique, as even the subject line will determine the factor whether your email will get opened or not. So I try to make it interesting, positive and short. Long messages have a slower chance of being read. People are busy and I have to respect that.

3. Get the person

The purpose of making my first connection The purpose is not to get your CV. I want to get you.

My soul purpose is to introduce myself and build some rapport. It normally takes me a couple of interactions to get a read on someone. You can get a good feel for a person’s energy just from a couple of messages via email, social media but the most valuable interaction is alway; the phone call. Sometimes I call just to say hello and make an appointment to talk at a later time that is more convenient. I find that not talking business from the moment go gets me the best responses for people. Sometimes it takes me 4 personal interactions before I start asking the “Magic Questions”.

For me Recruitment is about people, so keep it simple and be personal. What’s the worst that can happen? I make a new friend.

If you what to find out about my “Magic Questions” read my next blog 😉 or call me!