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Wondering what the most in demand tech jobs will be for 2018?

I did, so decided to research the market by speaking to some of my tech connections, who have their finger on the pulse, and subsequently comparing my findings to various trusted online sources ,offering insights on this topic too and whilst the results naturally did vary depending on geographical locations and industry, 3 tech jobs particularly caught my attention, as the ones continuously mentioned in the Top 10.

These are my findings:

  1. Data Scientists – Big Data, machine learning, predictive analytics, deep learning and AI are all hot skills. Companies will be heavily investing in these fields and “true” Data Scientists are hard to come by. This is what George Roumeliotis, Head of Data Science at Intuit in Silicon Valley, looks for when recruiting new Data Scientists, which I find extremely useful; “Roumeliotis was clear with us that he doesn’t hire on the basis of statistical or analytical capabilities. He begins his search for data scientists by asking candidates if they can develop prototypes in a mainstream programming language such as Java. Roumeliotis seeks both a skill set—a solid foundation in math, statistics, probability, and computer science—and certain habits of mind. He wants people with a feel for business issues and empathy for customers. Then, he says, he builds on all that with on-the- job training and an occasional course in a particular technology.”
  2. DevOps Engineers – It’s all about being in the Cloud nowadays and if you can master Virtualization skills in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Hyper-V and private cloud hosting skills using VMware, mixed with some lethal cyber security skills you will be floating towards the stars.
  3. Mobile Developers – A growing number of the world population are switching from using their laptops, to mobile phones for their daily tasks, making Mobile App developers in higher demand than ever. However to stand out from the crowd these days, you will need to master some serious User Experience and User Interface design skills, on top of all the major programming languages. The future is equally looking bright for all the AI Engineers, Software Developers, Solutions Architects (especially Blockchain!), UX’ers and Digital Designers, Product Managers and CTO’s out there.

Top tip for Tech Leaders:

Having a proven track record in managing AI, Data Science and AR Development teams, will put you ahead of the game, as it is a fairly understaffed market at the moment. So if you have the experience, but haven’t updated your online profile to show this, you may well be missing out on some excellent opportunities.

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