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Donna’s Hierarchy of Needs

As a recruiter, it is part of my job to know all the information from the candidates regarding their “likes”, “dislikes”, “wants”, “needs” and finally dreams.

Asking the right questions will open the door to know more about the candidate experience and needs. I will be sharing with you the “Magic Questions” that I’m using to gather the most important details about the candidate.

1. Ask for clarification on information in candidates resumes. Sometimes most of the candidates don’t include everything in their CV, as a recruiter it will be the perfect timing to grab the opportunity and ask every single detail about the candidate skills, abilities, and experience. Exploring more into their work experience will help you to match whether the candidate is FIT for the role, both technically and personality wise.

2. Ask for potential deal breakers early on – like the availability, relocation, flexibility, and counter offers. I know it’s too early to ask this question but it will make a big different once you reach the last stage of the interview process. It is always nice to know everything from the very beginning to save time and effort as you go along with recruitment process. This is an ongoing process, as sometimes candidates need or expectations can change during the total recruitment process. Don’t assume. Ask! Remember that we have the JD as our guideline, some roles are looking for a candidate that can join immediately, others are for 2 weeks or 1 month time. When asking the candidates notice period always ask if they can shorten the time.

3. Ask for the current and expected salary package in detail. This is one of the difficult questions to ask as our culture tells us not to discuss salary but it’s a recruiter’s job to know not only the current salary but also the expected salary. By knowing all this thing – it will help you to gauge whether the candidate is beyond the salary bracket offered for the role. Imagine a candidate who is already on a final interview stage only to realize that the candidate wants an unrealistic increase from the current salary. It is also great to know the important reason for the candidate to accept a particular offer. Will it be due to salary or job satisfaction? Or might be looking for stability and long-term goal? Others are looking for a great environment to work with. This kind of questions will help you to measure the needs of the candidate. Don’t be afraid to ask the candidate of their salary and don’t be afraid to say your maximum salary. Be honest and transparent with the candidate.

4. Why are you leaving your current Employer? Nobody wants to seem like they’re bad-mouthing a previous boss or employer, which actually rarely happens on a call thankfully. In general people tend to say they are looking for a better work/life balance, career advancement or salary increase. These are the key motivators.

By asking this question, it will give you better insight into the candidate’s professional history as well as help you to identify any red flags and at the same time identify their wants, needs and dreams, which is what will ultimately make them decide.

What are your dreams?