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Your. Recruitment.



Our. Hiring. Process.

Don't compromise on your recruitment agency. Apply the same strategic level of thinking as you would when undertaking any complicated task.


We'll take the time to understand you & your culture.


We'll review who we're competing against to attract the best talent.


We'll start our search & open the talent pipeline.


We pre-screen our candidates & share video recordings for review.


We'll manage the candidates & your hiring managers internally.


We'll help your business grow through it's most valuable asset. The people.

Advantages. Of. Searchie.

Hire Faster

Understanding the role, company & industry allows us to quickly identify candidates. About 25% of our time is spent on role analysis and secondary research.

Retain Better

We provide behavioural insights for senior positions which help you to understand the personality of the candidate by tapping into IBM Watson.

Work Smarter

Speed up your interview process by using our video assessment technology. We save hours of client

Progress Reports

Consolidated progress reports via trello allow you to understand your progress through the hiring process.

Integrated Team

We'll spend time discovering your business needs & become an integrated part of your team.

Passionate & Fun

We'll make sure that you enjoy the recruitment process again by introducing you to well qualified people who match your company culture.

Artificially. Intelligent. Interviews.

We built our assessment technology around our talent philosophy. Every candidate is screened by a person and by our bespoke AI to match on skills, behaviour, culture and context. You’ll know which candidates can deliver on a project, take responsibility in their roles and fit into your company culture before you even see them.

  1. Tone Analysis
  2. Personality, Needs & Culture
  3. Personality Insights
  • Understand your candidate's tone as they respond to your questions in realtime.

  • Understand your candidate's needs and values so you know how they fit into your organisation.

  • Unbiased personality insights for rich behavioural information

Features. Benefits

Our bespoke service design process will ensure that you receive

Account Management

A dedicated team of account managers dedicated to finding the best people

Visualise Progress

Understand where you are in the hiring process by quickly accessing our shared project management tools

Dedicated Resourcing

A team of dedicated resourcers work to match skills & personality

Network Access

Get access to our extensive professional network built over a combined 20+ years in the MENA region

Pre-Screening Interviews

Guaranteed to save you time on interviews & reduce the number of drop outs

Behavioural Insights

Understand if your dream candidate is the right personality match with our IBM Watson powered insights

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